Program Overview

Understand Stock Market Technical Analysis Set-Ups to decode the charts and trade well with the insights.
We bring you an integrated Live program offering you real-time trade experience with an opportunity where you can earn while implementing your learning.

We will Teach you 2 core technical setups,  with these Setups you can trade well into stock market and earn a handsome amount  Direct From stock market from Intraday Trading as well as from Positional Trades

ProgramsProgram – 1Program -2
Duration20 Days @ 30 Min 25 Days @ 30 Min
Live Trading SessionsSelf – PacedOnline with our Analyst
TradingGuidance Provided On callGuidance Provided Remotely and On call
Stock Tips Subscription (*Additional Benefits)1 Month Intraday and Positional Intraday2 Months Intraday & Positional Intraday + 1 Week Intraday Customized
Program FeeINR 32000INR 48500

What you will ‘Learn’

What are Setups?

Setups are Made by our Expert’s from these Setups you can easily trade with Proper Risk Management Proper Entry Sl and Target.

Is this Course Includes Total Technical Analysis?

No, Technical Analysis is like a Tricky Puzzle and it is very easy to teach in in 4 to 7 days,  but as I said it’s a tricky Puzzle it is very difficult to Solve the Puzzle.

So you are Offering a Solve Puzzle means I can earn from stock market?

Yes, These Setups are ready to use you don’t have read books and articles, No need to check hundreds of Oscillators and indicators candlestick patterns and much more.

Why I don’t have to see these Oscillators and indicators candlestick pattern?

Setup are build with prefix values of Moving averages ,ATR  and TR, Trailing Stop losses , Risk Management.

Can I trade in practical Session?

Yes, off Course you can trade in real time offline sessions in the guidance of our Experts’.

Can I earn from your free Premium Package of 1 month?

Yes, Are team will also provide you the track sheet(Past Performance) you can check these track sheets.

When I will get the premium track sheet?

On your 3rd Session.

What are the Success ratio of these setups?

Success ratio lies between 75% – 85%

Are you Providing the Software and data?

No, but we help you to get some of the free Software for Real-time intraday trading and Eod Data.

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